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115 Leading ESL/EFL Websites - A list of 115 sites dedicated to learning English as a Second Language.

Accurate English - Professor Lisa Mojsin's site includes practical tips for accent reduction.

BBC Learning English - A deep resource for English student and English teachers.

Becoming a Better EFL Teacher - This informative blog on teaching English in a foreign country, written by EFL author Larry M. Lynch in Columbia, includes many practical tips on working around the globe.

Better at English - Practical podcasts to improve listening and speaking skills.

CAL PRO - The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project. An excellent insight into the California's official goals for adult ESL students. Read!

CATESOL - The California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages remains the crucial professional membership organization for ESL teachers in California and Nevada. Visit the site to find an extensive library of conference presentations, official policy positions, and information on the evolving profession.

Center for Applied Linguistics – The leading resource for American linguistics and a leading voice in government policies.

Common Errors in English - Professor Paul Brian's award-winning site. - For English teachers working in Vietnam

Delta Publishing - Comprehensive catalog of published language learning resources.

Developing Teachers - A website for the developing language teacher.

Devry University Chicago

Easy English Times - A world of practical information for adult learners, including Eric's monthly column on conversation tips for intermediate students

Effective Teaching Solutions - This teacher-created website offers a rich variety of K-12 educational materials and books.

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ELFS- Adam Rado's innovative ESL site.

English-Online is a website that provides understandable texts for learners of English. At the end of each text there is a section with difficult words that are explained in English. - Another cutting edge program to help English language learners write better and make fewer mistakes.

EnglishTalkShop - Do want help being understood? This website focuses on accent reduction and pronunciation materials for medical professionals and American immigrants. Nancy Hiser, a licensed speech therapist, created the materials. Highly recommended.

English Teacher Forum - This U.S. State Department educational publication for English Language Teachers deserves to be more widely read!

EFL Blogs - The EFL and ESL blog list.

ESLbay - The biggest ESL/English web Directory- Another mega resource for ESL teachers, tutors, and students.

ESLBooklink - Monica Weiss, a respected ESL teacher trainer, created and runs this selective resource of ESL and multicultural resources for ESL teachers, administrators, and multicultural educators.

ESLHQ - A selective collection of the best sites and lesson plans, flash cards, and job leads for ESL teachers, administrators, and students. Worth a visit.

ESL-Jobs-Forum - The largest, most comprehensive site for ESL/EFL teaching jobs. It also includes an impressive forum section, links to related sites for school owners, and has carved out a distinctive role for teachers seeking new ESL positions in other countries.

ESL-lab - An outstanding resource for adult ESL students with developed listening exercises for low, intermediate, and high intermediate students. Practical and impressive!

ESL Lounge - Another deep and strong website with a wide variety of ESL materials for multiple audiences.

ESL Mania - provides free materials for ESL teachers and adult ESL learners.

ESL Podcards - Free, original audio downloads for ESL teachers and students. Worksheets and transcripts included. New materials added weekly.

ESL Positions - ESL Resources for teachers, ESL employers and ESL job hunters.

ESL jobs worldwide, ESL resumes and Free ESL materials

ESL-Galaxy - ESL lesson plans and ESL Activities; with more additions daily. - A favorite site to find ESL resources, tutors, and language schools.

ESLTower - A free ESL, EFL & ELT site that offers top quality printable and interactive English grammar and vocabulary exercises for teachers and students.

ESL Tutor - Experiences, resources, grammar tips, lessons plans, and more from an English as a Second Language Tutor. Also, notes on teaching one-on-one and being self-employed.

ESL Video - A practical, multilevel video site for ESL/EFL students.

ESLVietnamzone - Do you teach English in Vietnam? If so, you should read Dan's practical tips on teaching English to Vietnamese English language learners. Dan is also a friend.

EnglishMediaLab - Exercises for all English learners - online grammar exercises, vocabulary videos, pronunciation, quizzes for beginners, intermediate & advanced level English learners.

English-4kids - ESL kids lab offers: printable ESL worksheets, games for ESL classrooms, EFL videos, PPT lessons videos, interactive kids vocabulary & grammar quizzes, powerpoint downloads for English teaching and learning. - This outstanding online portal for language education learners offers a free membership and provides voice chat technology . Check it out!

Top English Sites

Free Rice - Improve your vocabulary skills and reduce world hunger!

Full Blast Productions - John Chabot, an ESL teacher and prolific ESL author, sells a wide variety of quality ESL books and ebooks.

Fun Easy English - Learn English online free. American English pronunciation, grammar, idioms, slang, writing, English language activities, TV, radio, surveys, tests, video lessons, travel information, and much more.

Download-ESL - a website for ESL, EFL students and teachers of English looking for useful tools to help them study or teach English.

Games with English Words - Learn key English words and phrases through crossword puzzles, vocabulary quizzes, and hangman on this Voice of America webpage.

GetintoEnglish - Looking for practical tips on learning English and speaking with confidence? This site, run by an experienced Australian English teacher based in Prague, has some fine materials.

Guide to English Grammar and Writing - A valuable online collection of free tools, quizzes, and worksheets to help Capital Community college students improve their grammar and writing skills. Check it out.

International Professors Project - Another noble educational effort to bring the benefits of modern knowledge to developing countries. They have a small ESL section. Help us make it larger and better!

ICAL wiki- Includes a range of materials on teaching English as a second or foreign language, including the famous ICAL Grammar Guide to ESL activities, classroom techniques, teaching videos, and a list of recommended ESL Books. (Compelling Conversations is on the list!).

Infinite English - This popular free app allows students to practice and improve their pronunciation.

JALT - The Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) is dedicated to the improvement of language teaching and learning both within Japan and internationally.

Kalinago blog - A creative, dynamic website highlighting practical materials for teaching conversation and Business English.

Kaliango – An evolving website by ESL/EFL teacher Karenne Sylvester promoting her innovative conversation materials (Simply Conversations) and other products for English language teachers (ELT), Business English professionals, and ESL/EFL students.

KQED ESL Insights - KQED Education has launched a blog that offers a space for ESL educators to explain what they do, share ideas and resources and engage in discussion about what inspires them and what challenges them. Posts are written for and by ESL practitioners.

Learn English - A free, on-line, educational resource helping ESL and EFL students to learn English words. The flash site incorporates 40 topics, along with over 1,500 English words and phrases.

Learn English - Learn English Guide, all about how to learn English and how to speak English.

Languages Out There - Jason West, a creative ESL teacher and crusading education reformer, has created a compiling website for innovative language learning.

The Language Resources Room - Language Resources for Teachers: flashcards, writing, activities, lesson plans, grammar lessons and more.

Language Success Press - Outstanding ESL Books for accent reduction, business English and everyday expressions .

Linkable - a website full of practical articles for people struggling with physical limitations, has been online for over ten years and receives about 50,000 page views per week. It provides a very deep inventory of news articles on a wide variety of medical issues.

Masters in ESL - This site offers several helpful lists for future, novice, and experienced English teachers. - A savvy English teacher's blog from Japan. Check out her 64 ways to improve your English post!

MyonlineEnglish- A new, innovative commercial site that matches English learners, tutors, and videos.

National Teachers Day - Teacher Appreciation website with ideas and suggestions for Teachers Day.

NCSALL - National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy. The name speaks for itself.

Negotiation Skills - Negotiation skills training gives you the confidence to enter any negotiating arena and secure the best possible outcome. - A quality, learner-centered online ESL school based in Canada for Korean English learners. - A highly recommended site for online ESL teachers.

OTAN - Online Technical Adult Education Network. A valuable resource for ESL administrators, researchers, and teachers.

OWL - Writing tips from Purdue University’s acclaimed Online Writing Lab (OWL) Includes excellent ESL tips.

Research Topics - Find research topics at Questia online library using their academic resources like books, journals, articles and encyclopedias .

Resources for Parents and Teachers  - Another top 100 sites focusing on English language learner sites.

Second Language, Literacy & Learning Connection, LLC - Their strong slogan: "Attaining Success for Second Language Learners" reflects their educational philosophy.

Shambles in S.E.Asia - "Shambles in S.E.Asia" is designed to support the international schools communities in 17 countries and regions in the area. It contains a database of international schools and also has resources to support teaching and learning. There is a calendar of educational events around the region and the world that may be of interest to educators and also a termly emailed newsletter . The site has relevance to students, teachers and support staff; it is also designed to be of help to families who live in, or are are planning to move to, Asia. Access to all the materials on Shambles is free.


Sites for Students

Sites for Teachers

Spanish Lessons Online - Private Spanish tutoring via Skype.

Spanish School - Learn Spanish in Cusco, Peru, with Wiracocha Spanish School.

Spring ESL catalog - The one-stop connection and the most reliable source for all of your ESL, EFL, ELD, ELT, and ESOL instructional materials.

StartLocal - English as a Second Language - A quick primer on teaching ESL.

Summer Study Abroad - Global Student Experience provides study abroad programs in Europe, Australia, Argentina and the UK. 

Teaching English- This wonderful site, sponsored by the British Council and the BBC, should be visited by creative English teachers around the world.

Teaching ESL to Adults - Experiences, resources, grammar tips, lessons plans, and more from an English as a Second Language Tutor. Also, notes on teaching one-on-one and being self-employed.

TEFLclips - An excellent collection of videoclips for ESL and EFL teachers.

TEFLCORP.COM- This popular, deep TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) site includes a variety of directories for all aspects of teaching English abroad. If you're thinking about working as a TEFL instructor, check this site out!

Tesall - An ambitious, fast growing source for all things related to English as a Second Language (ESL), traveling and teaching, and teaching English abroad.

TESOL - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages.

The Linguistic Funland TESL  - Resources for teachers and students of ESL/EFL since 1994.

Top ESL Sites - An excellent collection of first-rate ESL sites for ESL teachers, ELT professionals, and English language learners. The website organized this list.

Top ESL Sites

English Learner Top Sites

Tutor Hunt - Providers of a completely free service both tutors and students to locate each other, and think it would be a useful resource for your readers.

Using English - English Language (ESL) Learning Resources - UsingEnglish.comResources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers.

free vocabulary games

Voice of America Special English - An excellent weekly resource of enlightening radio programs on world news, features on American culture, segments on science and technology, and fascinating glimpses into our evolving 21st century global culture.

What's Up America? - Diane Asitimbay's humorous and insightful book subtitled A Foreigner's Guide to Understanding Americans. – Lesson plans and teaching tips for teachers of English as a second or foreign language. Join the conversation! - Carol Sweet's website for her ESL, business writing & life's journeys workshops. Carol calls Compelling Conversations "a godsend."

YourDictionary- - - Teaching ESL to Adults

Alta Book Center Publishers - The largest source of ESL/EFL books and materials in the world!


Conversation Classes/Lessons in L.A.

Live Language Los Angeles - - Provides personalized conversation lessons in Santa Monica, CA.

English Skills - - Natasha Cooper, author of the Power English series, teaches conversation classes in West Hollywood, CA, focused on practical, professional communication skills.



Tutoring in California - Home tutoring service specializing in private tutoring. We tutor all subjects & exams, including SAT preparation, Spanish, English, biology, chemistry, & math tutors, such as algebra & geometry. Looking forward positive reply from your side.



Professor Deborah Healey's insightful 12-Step Pronunciation Program should be taken to heart.

American English Pronunciation Practice - An excellent collection for ESL/EFL students from Many Things. - This site has a wide range of science and technology terms, as well as terms from other fields, including economics and accounting.  Most entries include information about pronunciation.  In some cases, there are actual audio recordings, and in others, phonetic spellings.

English Talk Shop - Provides accent improvement software, including American Speechsounds and Is ERnie an attORney?, to help people speak English more clearly.

The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) - Offers a Talking Glossary of Genetic Terms. These are useful to chemists, biologists, and biomedical researchers. Phonetic spelling and audio pronunciation. The definitions are spoken and it is a good place for listening comprehension practice.

The On-Line Glossary of Technical Terms in Plant Pathology - Provides pronunciation guide with audio.

Medline Plus - A service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. An online dictionary useful for biologists, chemists, and health researchers. Phonetic spelling.



American Rhetoric - Index of more than 5,000 public speeches, sermons, lectures, debates and interviews. Top 100 speeches list. Offers text and audio.

A Way with Words - A weekly public radio show celebrating the English language and its wonderful, weird words.

eXploreApark - Create your Adventure. Explore America's natural treasures.

History Channel - Great speeches audio archive. Speeches and classroom activities on a wide range of U.S. cultural and historical topics.

Illumin - Visit this award-winning USC website that reveals the impact of engineering on everyday life. Accessible and compelling, Illumin offers compelling student articles written about the innovative technologies we use everyday.

Marketplace - The most popular business program on American radio designed for savvy customers, intelligent listeners, and people who understand there is more to business than making money.

Museum of Tolerance - Dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims and the promise of “never again.” - Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.

Teaching Tolerance - A place to find thought-provoking news, conversation and support for those who care about diversity, equal opportunity and respect for differences in schools. – Ideas worth sharing in our rapidly evolving world!

The Hungersite - Site dedicated to send food to hungry populations in the developing world.

This I Believe - This website, based on Edward R. Murrow's original radio program, features personal radio essays on what matters in life. Excellent resource for writing, listening, and speaking classes.