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  1. Practice Might not Make Perfect, but it Does Help ESL Students in Job Interviews

    March 24, 2009 by User ImageChimayo Press
    Chimayo Press

    More Practical Job Interview Tips for ESL Students, Teachers from Q Blog

    During these difficult economic times, English teachers should take every possible opportunity to focus on job interview skills. As blog readers know, I’m a big fan of both videotaping practice interviews and having ESL/EFL students conduct research for possible jobs with information interviews.

    The Q group, an ambitious online educational company, has a variety of solid resources for ESL students. Here is an excellent, concise list of simple practical steps for English language learners to take when preparing for a job interview – and a few post-interview suggestions worth noting. The fine article comes from the Q Blog for English language learners. It’s a fine resource. Check it out.

    Official Q Blog: How to Succeed in an Interview

    As I said before, practice might not lead to perfection, but it certainly leads to improvement for ESL students in job interviews.

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