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PBS Provides More Resources for ESL, EL/Civics Adult Educators

August 15, 2008 by User ImageEric Roth
Eric Roth

ESL/Civics tip

Public Broadcasting System (PBS) continues to expand their valuable non-commercial services for listeners, including English teachers and ESL instructors.

Take the free online tour of PBS ESL/CivicsLink, an online professional development service for ESL teachers. The online system “helps instructors teach speakers of other languages effectively, strengthens cross-cultural awareness and integrates English literacy instruction and civics education.” This system also addresses core issues in teaching English and civics and encourages active engagement through project-based learning. It works for small-group study with peer mentoring and with both facilitated and nonfacilitated models.
Web: PBS Civics link for ESL instructors

This is just one of many tips, mostly for K-6 teachers, at Delta’s site for ESL/ELL teachers.

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